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Free Bridal or Engagement Session

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[order_box_3 width=”70%” + border=”2px”]If you book your wedding with me and MENTION THIS PAGE WHEN YOU BOOK, you will get a complimentary engagement session or bridal session WITH all the edited digital files of photographer selected images!

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Your Wedding…. First of all, congrats on your upcoming wedding!. It’s exciting to plan a wedding.

Your checklist is almost complete. Get an amazing dress. CHECK. Find a killer venue. CHECK. Find an artistic photographer. CHECK. I’d be honored if you selected me to capture your wedding day.

Dallas Wedding Photographer

Celebration Community-Church in Fort Worth Texas

One bride said….

“It wasn’t until we stumbled upon George Dean Photography that we realized that ‘capturing a moment’ and ‘capturing the art of the moment’ were two completely different things!”

Please look closely at my wedding photography from around the Dallas, Denton, & Fort Worth area. Sample images are below.

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Fireworks At Wedding Reception

My Passion…. You see, I coached girls’ high-level competitive gymnastics for 20 years. I thrive on the thrill of competition day. I LOVE weddings because to me, the wedding day is MY competition day. I’ve gotta perform perfectly and nail the landing.

Today, I have to create something extraordinary for my bride while remaining cool, level-headed, and fun NO MATTER the pressure or obstacles. There are no “do-overs”. This is not practice. Today is her special day and I am going to nail it. I have been entrusted with capturing her day in an artful and manner, and I don’t take that responsibility lightly. I arrive early with the highest-end, most up-to-date Canon photographic equipment possible, with back-up gear, AND back-up gear to my back-up gear! This is not a “side job”, this is my career. I am a professional. I take it seriously WHILE having fun. Let’s roll!

My Pricing…. First of all, every bride and groom receive a digital copy of all their wedding images because not every image will be printed or go into an album, so in my humble opinion, you deserve it.

As soon as you get a copy of the digital files, I recommend making two copies. One for each set of parents. They would love a copy. But, most importantly, you have two “off site” copies of your wedding files! Make sense?

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Country Wedding Captured on Film (Yes, old school film)

Ceremony Only Coverage. This includes the ceremony and family formals. Up to 90 minutes. $1000. Includes digital files. Includes basic retouching.

All “Itsy Bitsy Weddings” are $1500. This is for smaller intimate weddings with little-to-no bridal party. Or, this is for brides on budget who wants the highest quality of photography possible inside her budget. 3 hours of wedding coverage. Includes digital files. Includes basic retouching. Add $1000 for video.

Friday weddings are $2000. Up to 5 hours. Includes digital files. Includes basic retouching. Add $1500 for video.

Saturday “Standard Weddings” are $2500. Up to 5 hours. Includes digital files. Includes basic retouching. Add $2000 for video.

Saturday “Full Day Weddings” are $4500. Up to 9 hours. Includes digital files. Includes basic retouching. Add $2000 for video.

Sunday weddings are $2000. Up to 5 hours. Includes digital files. Includes basic retouching. Add $1500 for video.

Furthermore, you can customize your wedding package to include a beautiful fine-art wedding album, a bridal session, an engagement session, & more.

Call me. Let’s talk and design a package for you. My number is, 940-300-5347.
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george dean photography reviews

george dean reviews

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Ten Tips From My Brides To You

1. Hire a wedding planner, even if it’s only for the day of the wedding. You don’t want your mom/sister/aunt/etc trying to frantically coordinate flowers/chairs/guests/music/reception events on your wedding day (unless your goal is to send them away from you for extended periods of time). Pay someone else to worry with those details so you can enjoy the time with your family and friends and they can enjoy themselves. (In fact, I’ve had THREE brides tell me this!)

2. Do not get caught up in ordering a super extravagant (i.e. expensive) cake. It’s only for pictures…keep telling yourself that. You’ll be lucky if people take more than a few bites of the cake, if they even have room after dinner at all. I don’t want to spoil your dream if a lavish cake is your thing, just realize that others may not share in your enthusiasm.

3. Understand that something will go wrong. Again, something WILL go wrong. It may be small, it may be large, but prepare yourself in advance that something out of your control will happen. Now, accept that it will happen and still have the day of your dreams! Happiness is a state of mind and completely within your own control. The most important thing on your wedding day is the commitment you are making with your husband. Be happy for everything that falls right into place and don’t sweat the rest…it will all fly by much quicker than you think!

4. Enjoy every step of the wedding planning process. It flies by.

5. Wear comfortable shoes.

6. Take everyone’s advice with a grain of salt. Everyone will have advice on how to do your wedding.

7. During the wedding day – take your time and enjoy each moment. Be sure to look around. Take a second, pause, and look around. Take it in.

8. Take the day for yourself, someone else has the details taken care of. Looking back, those small details won’t matter. Have someone else get your kids ready if you have children.

9. Listen to yourself. Follow your instinct.

10. Lock yourself in the bathroom, take 5 minutes, look in the mirror and remember why you’re there in the first place. Smile and have fun.

Ten Promises to Brides

1. My team will be professionally dressed and courteous at all times.

2. I will be interactive and directive during “formals.” My brides always tell me they love my directions.

3. Your images will be clean, well composed, natural looking, with crisp colors and a fashionable edge.

4. The high resolution images of your wedding day are yours.

5. All wedding pricing is upfront. Your prices are locked in when you book. You will never pay for anything you don’t want or need.

6. 24-hour turnaround on your wedding images (See them the very next day!)

7. I will not take your money and run. I own a real professional studio right off I-35. I’m not going anywhere.

8. We are a male/female team.

9. Your day will be easy and stress-free. My team will handle all aspects of the photography.

10. We will get plenty of bride and groom images with properly allocated time.

Video For Brides: 5 Mistakes to Avoid

My Love Letter to Mothers of the Bride

Mothers of the bride,

I just got off the phone with a wonderful mother. She is full of Love for her daughter. She wants only the best for her daughter. You can hear the Love in her voice and feel it in her words.

However, I also felt something else in the quiver of her voice. She’s full of anguish, from the burden of being in charge of TOO much.

I asked her if this was ‘just too much’. She answered, “Sadly, yes.”

I could hear her voice shaking, nearly falling to tears on the phone, as we talked about the role she has unhappily assumed – coordinator, planner, pleaser, go-between-girl, information seeker, … and never knowing if her daughter would be happy.

I asked her if she has already cried today. She reluctantly replied, “Yes.”

I asked if this continues, could this forever damage her relationship with her daughter.

I asked if this keeps up, will you cry again?

The answers were, “sadly yes”.


Here is MY advice to the mom of a bride. Heck, she had not even booked me yet but my heart was reaching out to her. Someone had to tell her what she desperately needed to hear.

1. Stop being the captain of the ship. It’s time to hand the reigns over to the couple. You can’t plan their wedding for them. Let them take some ownership.

2. Hand over all the information you’ve gathered, tell the bride her budget, and offer to “be there” for advice if she needs it.

3. Stop letting the bride’s problems become your problem. You can’t take on the burden of all her problems and solve all her issues for her.

4. “But George, she just doesn’t have time to plan the wedding”…. Let me say it again, you can not let her problems become your problems. If you do, it will keep you in a place you don’t need/want to be.

5. Remember this: we ALL make time for the things WE WANT AND PRIORITIZE. If we WANT to lose some weight, we MAKE time to exercise. If we WANT to get an “A” in a class, we MAKE time to study. Advise her to get off Facebook, stop searching Pinterest, turn off the TV and get to work on the wedding. Don’t take on more burden than you can bear.

Sometimes, my role as a Dallas Wedding Photographer is one of counselor. One of support. One of cheerleader.

A wedding should be a JOYOUS time for the family – especially for the Mother-of-the-Bride.

Brides…. please don’t over burden your mother. Your LONG TERM relationship with your mother is MORE important than the wedding.

Mothers…. please don’t take on more than you can bear. Your LONG TERM relationship with your daughter is MORE important than the wedding.

George Dean
Dallas Wedding Photographer